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Mini Vibra Therapy

Mini Vibra Therapy


Fashionable, Portable, Convenient

Our Compact Vibra Therapy is a sleek design, with advanced features and lightweight, so you can take with you. You can listen to music from your iPhone, iPod or other device using the Bluetooth connectivity feature. Along with the remote control, it's no surprise it's a best seller in Europe.

  • • Bluetooth Technology
  • • With Remote Controller
  • • Detachable straps
  • • Wide range of speed to accommodate a variety of workouts
  • • High quality motor delivers smooth workout


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  • Description

    Product Description

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    It’s a Workout and Therapy

    In just 10 minutes a day, it’s now possible to complete a whole body workout using the mini whole body vibration exercise machine. The concept is simple: you step onto an oscillating platform that vibrates 7 to 28 times per second, and these vibrations fire off contractions in your muscles.

    Great Workout & Therapy

      • • Muscle relaxation
      • • Joint Flexibility
      • • Pain Reduction
      • • Balance & Coordination
      • • Primary Neuro-muscular training
      • • Muscle strength and power
      • • Weight loss

  • Additional information

    Additional Information

    Weight 38 lbs
    Dimensions 29 x 16 x 6 in
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  • Specifications
    • Power: 200 watts
    • Speed range: 60 levels
    • Max user weight: 265 pounds
    • Bluetooth technology (connecting your device for music)
    • Remote controller
    • Oscillation Frequency: 5Hz-8Hz
    • Arm bands included
    • Easy to read LED Screen Display (approx 3" x 2")
    • Also works in Manual Mode

  • Safe for any age?
    Vibra Therapy what age is safe?

    Is there an age limit?

    There is no upper age limit to this type of exercise. If you can stand or sit on it at a low level, you can use this machine and reap the benefits of it.

    Are there people who should not use vibration exercise machines?

    People with the following conditions should consult a physician or physical therapist before using. Please note: We have dozens of customers who have some of these conditions below and have benefited from the machine, so don't exclude yourself from the benefits, without consulting your doctor first (the exception to this is if you're pregnant or have a tumor).

    • • Acute Hernia, Discopathy, or Spondylosis
    • • Acute Thrombosis
    • • Artificial Joints (recent)
    • • Epilepsy
    • • Head Injuries
    • • Pacemacker and Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator
    • • Pulmonary Embolism
    • • Recent Wounds from Operation or Surgery
    • • Retinal Detachment
    • • Serious Cardiovascular Disease
    • • Severe Migranes
    • • Tumors (cancerous)