Vibrating Machines are Resistance Exercise Machines

Vibrating Machines are Resistance Exercise Machines BnH Connection

Vibrating Machines are Resistance Exercise Machines

Our body naturally creates new bone cells and expels the old ones. When this process is out of balance, osteoporosis occurs. Our bones become less dense. We can bring this process into balance and protect our bone health.

Resistance exercise is always recommended to increase bone density. Why? Resistance exercises make our muscles stronger, which in turn, make our bones stronger. We cannot have strong bones without strong muscles.

Muscle strength, and thus, bone strength, is increased in two ways: First, we can lift progressively heavier weight. Fitness centers are filled with weight machines and other equipment that helps us do resistance exercises. As we add more and more weight in our workout, we increase the resistance our muscles work against. The result is stronger muscles and stronger bones.

Repetition of muscle movement is the second way to strengthen muscles and support our bone health. During a workout we perform sets of multiple repetitions to tone a specific muscle. You may have used hand or ankle weights while walking to increase resistance to the muscles, while doing these repetitive movements. You can increase the power and strength of a muscle by working it over and over. Isometric exercises build muscle strength through repetition.

These are the only ways we can increase our muscle strength and bone density. If you have osteoporosis, or want to protect your bone health, you need to move your muscles! Whole body vibration exercise and therapy machines move every muscle, every time you use them.

Remember isometric exercises? You focus on a muscle and tighten it, then release the muscle. Tighten, then release. You do this over and over again. Isometric exercises use our own body weight as the resistance. Isometric resistance repetitions tone and strengthen our muscles. When we flex, tighten and release, toxins are pushed out of the muscle cells and blood and lymph circulation is increased.

This is a description of the involuntary muscle movement induced by whole body vibration machines. Whole body vibration machine-use causes a rapid, involuntary contraction and then, expansion of muscle cells.. This rapid repetitive movement occurs at the cellular level and is proven to build muscle strength and new bone cells. It also burns fat. The motion generated by whole body vibration exercise and therapy machines enhances the natural regenerative processes in our body.

Our whole body vibration exercise machines use low-speed, low-amplitude vibrations to generate health benefits. The technology has been researched for 30+ years by NASA and medical scientists, who discovered that low-frequency low-amplitude vibrations build muscle strength and new bone cells.

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Whole-Body Vibration for Osteoporosis

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High-frequency whole-body vibration improves balancing ability in elderly women.

Technical Brief: Whole Body Vibration Therapy for Osteoporosis

  • p.g.n.nambiar
    Posted at 09:31h, 11 November Reply

    i am a diabetic patient having b.p, and back pain. i have pain on legs and foots due to diabetic neuropothy. back pain is due to disc problem. i am aged 61 and weak. i cannot work on a heavy machine and for a long time. i dot have any other exercises. i cannot walk due to back pain.can yiou suggest a vry simple and suitable machine. please also send me leaflet of the machine anf price.i should be able do be able to do the exercise considering my age and health conditions. with kind regards pgn nambiar

    • HnB Connection
      Posted at 11:03h, 11 November Reply

      Thank you for contacting us. We’re confident Vibra Therapy will work wonders for you and we will email you to suggest the best model for your needs.

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