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As a psychologist who worked for years to help people lead healthy lifestyles I certainly was not pleased when my doctor told me, at age 63 and 215 pounds, that I had crossed the line and now met the clinical definition of “diabetic”. That was more than 35 pounds and 2 years ago. I decided to take care of myself . . . diet, exercise, and education. It was eighteen months ago that I bought my “Platinum Ultra Vibration” equipment from Health N Beauty Connection. And I began a daily routine of ten minutes a day using whole body vibration as my “gym” of choice. And I can tell you this. I sleep well, I feel terrific, my friends tell me I look great, and I look forward to stepping up on my machine every day - the easiest “exercise” I’ve ever done in my life. And this past summer when these two pictures were taken my 3 month running average blood sugar level (A1C) was an enviable 5.7 !!! As you see . . . I’m on top of the world. I highly recommend full body vibration, and am very pleased with my Platinum Ultra Vibration choice. I highly recommend this for a multitude of reasons.

R. Ilinitch, PhD July 14, 2016

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