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- About The Machine -

What is Vibra-Therapy

The theory behind vibration exercise equipment was developed for the Russian space program in 1960s because the cosmonauts needed to exercise while in zero gravity space. No gravity means there is no resistance to workout muscles, and with months in space, could result in muscle deterioration and loss in bone density. To combat this, the Russians came up with a vibration exercise.

Accelerates Fat Loss

In conjunction with a healthy meal plan, vibrations can help you lose the weight and keep it off.

Decreases Stress Levels

By reducing the cortisol levels in the body while raising key hormones such as serotonin, vibration therapy helps relieve stress.

Strengthens Core Muscles

The vibrations loosen your muscles around the waist (core) and tone often unused muscles by causing them to contract and relax several times per second.

- Our Featured Products -

Our top Vibra Therapy machines
  • $1,499.00
    Portable Vibra Therapy
    4.80 out of 5
  • $3,499.00
    Platinum Dual-Motor Vibra Therapy
    0 out of 5
  • $2,499.00 $1,799.00
    EZ Out Bed
    5.00 out of 5
  • $1,499.00
    Foldable Massage Chair
    0 out of 5
  • $2,999.00
    Platinum Vibra Therapy
    4.30 out of 5
  • $3,999.00
    Professional Vibra Therapy
    4.60 out of 5

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