Professional Vibra Therapy

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Professional Gym-Quality Features

Our Professional Vibra Therapy machine has all that you expect from a gym-quality exercise machine. Equipped with Pivotal vibration movement, a full digital display that shows the number of vibrations, speed levels (1-50), how many calories burned, distance traveled and much more. The side support rails are durable and strong to help maintain balance. This model also includes detachable arm straps for strengthening and massage of the arms and shoulders. It also comes with wheels, so you can roll it effortlessly.

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  • Style Number: 002

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How often can/should the Vibra Therapy machine be used?
Up to ten minutes a day twice a day, 3-5 times a week is the recommended usage to enjoy the benefits of whole body vibration. The intensity level of your workout will depend on your goals and current fitness level.
Great Workout & Therapy

    • • Muscle relaxation
    • • Joint Flexibility
    • • Pain Reduction
    • • Balance & Coordination
    • • Primary Neuro-muscular training
    • • Muscle strength and power
    • • Weight loss

Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 140 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 37 × 53 in
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  1. Hannah

    We bought 4 of these for my gym and it is always being used. We need more! Can you give us a discount if we buy 10 or more? Please let me know.

    • HnB Connection

      yes of course, please contact us

  2. Jake

    I’m a personal trainer and I love this machine. I don’t use as much because I’m a body builder but I work out all of my clients on it. They love it and want one for themselves, but I tell them they only sell to gyms 🙂 I think the jig is up now 🙂 Thank you, highly recommend durable and easy to use.

    • HnB Connection

      Thanks Jake!

  3. Emily

    LUV LUV LUV IT! so much fun and I’ve lost 5 pounds in a week. Thanks Rossi for introducing me to this!

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you too!

  4. Linda

    I’ve never had a workout machine like this. I get on it every morning and every night, for just 10 minutes and I think I’ve lost around 25 pounds in the last 45 days. I’m also eating healthier, so that has helped too, but it all started after I started using this machine. I love it.

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you Linda!

  5. JT

    You gotta love any workout that doesn’t require effort. you gotta get it. It’s for anyone, any weight or size. I’m 6 ft and 240 lb ( I lost 10 pounds in last the 2 weeks). It’s made me want to be healthy. I’m even eating healthy without trying 🙂 Thanks HnB staff for being so helpful too! Love you guys

    • HnB Connection

      Love you back!

  6. Jessica

    I’m so glad this doesn’t take up too much space. The multiple options and programs make working out fun and easy. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like to workout, but wants to get in shape.

    • HnB Connection

      Thanks Jessica!

  7. Jason

    Wow, this is a solid piece of equipment. So easy and fun to use. I got it for myself, but everyone is using it. My wife, son and his wife, even my neighbor got one after he tried it. Thanks Rossi, so glad we met you at the show!

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you!

  8. Betty

    I can’t believe this actually works. I’ve lost 5 pounds in a week. It really is amazing. don’t know why gyms don’t have this.

    • HnB Connection

      Glad to hear it!

  9. Richard

    Do you guys have financing? i really want to get this

    • HnB Connection

      Yes we do offer financing. Please click here for Paypal financing option.

  10. Katie

    This is really cool. Think I’m gonna get it. Is there a smaller one?

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