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The Platinum Vibra Therapy machine gives you a full body workout in just minutes. It’s Pivotal vibration is very popular with fitness professionals as well as therapy by medical professionals. The Platinum Vibra Therapy has more digital controls, 3 preset programs, 3 additional programs, high speed levels (1-60) and a sleek design that looks great anywhere. For a total body workout, included are detachable arm straps used to massage and strengthen the arms & shoulders. The side handles aid in balancing, also have digital controls for start/stop, speed controls and heartbeat monitor. And it also comes with wheels to move without straining.

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  • Style Number: 6B3

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In just 10 minutes a day…

It’s now possible to complete a whole body workout using the mini whole body vibration exercise machine. The concept is simple: you step onto an oscillating platform that vibrates 7 to 28 times per second, and these vibrations fire off contractions in your muscles.

Great Workout & Therapy

    • • Muscle relaxation
    • • Joint Flexibility
    • • Pain Reduction
    • • Balance & Coordination
    • • Primary Neuro-muscular training
    • • Muscle strength and power
    • • Weight loss

What is the weight limit?


Additional Information

Additional Information

Weight 136 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 27 × 53 in
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  1. Sherry

    Very easy to use and fun too. It took a while to get use to it, but now I use it so much, I need another one for my husband. He’s getting annoyed that he could never get on it. I read, watch tv and talk on the phone while standing on it. I can never do that on a treadmill. LOVE IT!

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you Sherry!

  2. Jenn

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ROSSI! I love it soooo much, i use it 4 times a day for 10 minutes and I have now lost 20 pounds in 4 months… it’s affected other parts of my life. I just don’t feel like eating junk food or being lazy. I have more energy and I sleep soooo much better. Thank you Rossi. I LOVE IT!

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you too Jenn!

  3. Kris G

    Worth every penny! I suffer from Sjogrens syndrome and chronic low back pain from ruptured L5 disc. I was up to 4 tramadol a day and drank way too much alcohol just to dull the pain. I also used a TENS unit during the day and was considering getting surgically implanted TENS unit. The Vibra therapymhas changed my life. I got it on 8/18/14 and decided to stop all pain pills and alcohol. Within a week I felt good enough to start using my elliptical each morning for 30 minutes then Vibra therapy. The next week I started hikong with my dogs in a rugged state park. I have nit had alcohol or any pain pills since 8/18 (it’s 9/23 today) I made a 1000 mile one day drive a few days ago and other day and did not have any back pain.

    I cannot say enough good about this machine. It has given me my life back. I use it on highest setting in morning and during day. At night I use lower settings prior to bed and have not had any restless legs and sleep better.

  4. Kris G

    Forgot to add that my little dog loves standing on the Vibra Fit when I’m on it. He comes running when he hears it start up. Apparently it makes him feel good, too.

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you Kris.

  5. Janis

    I have to let you know, that without a doubt, this was the very best purchase I made last year. I purchased the Vibra machine in June 2013. My husband has had a life long problem with BM. Within five days he has been regular ever since! If he has to go away on business, within two days he starts to have a problem again. As soon as he gets home he heads straight for the machine., and in two days he is back to normal. It has changed his life. He is much happier than he ever was. He has also lost ten pounds.

    I use the machine religiously too, and it has helped my arthritis incredibly. I know longer have all the shoulder pain, from 30 Years of doing hair as a Hairdresser. I have lost four pounds. All we use it is ten minutes a day. Everyone can do ten minutes. It’s so easy, with such incredible results. Thank you so so much.

    • HnB Connection

      We’re glad to hear it Janis!

  6. Valerie

    At first it was weird, but fun. Then it became a workout, but not in a bad way… just muscles felt soar the next day so I knew the machine works. And I hardly broke a sweat or felt exhausted, I actually felt really good after. Great product! I highly recommend it.

  7. Jennifer L.

    Well you were right!!! Tyrus & I love the Vibra Therapy machine. I am fixing up my workout room ,in my salon, and wonder if you have some posters I can get to put on the walls, or any type of advertising suggestions. I am very interested in selling Vibra Therapy. I think after my clients use it they will want to take one home. I don’t know if you have a representative in my area …nor-cal Reno/Neveda but I would love to apply for the job. Tyrus & I could even do a few shows. I have been getting some great feedback from chiropractors and an acupuncturist, my own body its already changing. I LOVE IT. Cant wait to find out about your other great products. Your website is really well done. Let me know Thanks for your time.

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you Jennifer 🙂

  8. Joanna

    Thank you so much! I just bought this machine at the Home and Garden Show in Santa Barbara and love it. My back feels so good after using it. I was skeptical at first, but I’m so relieved it works.

  9. Jackie

    I love the machine. I just wished it came with a little better instructions on how to use it, what speed for the arm stuff and such. The book is pretty vague. Other than that I love it and just hope I’m getting the most out of it.

    • HnB Connection

      Thank you for your feedback. To get the most out of your workout, try using our workout chart as a starting point. When holding certain positions, you may need to raise or lower the speeds depending your comfort level and how much you want to push yourself. The greater the speed, the harder it will be to hold your position. And if you can hold your stomach muscles tight, you will get a isometric workout, and start seeing results soon.

  10. Carah

    We have quite a few clients that have bought this machine thru us after they have tried it. Very very happy with machine. Amazing lymphatic massage…. allows all your cells to absorb all the iv vitamins u just received. Everyone loves it

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